Transfer of the domains .SU to SALENAMES from another Registrar

To transfer the domains .SU to SALENAMES is necessary:
1. To notify the Registrar providing the support of your domains about your decision to transfer the domains to SALENAMES (the form of notification is settled by Registrar). The current Registrar should perform action necessary for domain transfer and notify thereon SALENAMES Ltd. 


2. Place a request for domain receipt in the personal account.
To place a request through the personal account the Administrator should perform following actions:
- authorize in the personal account
- go to the section Domains → Accept from another Registrar  → Add domain(s) name for transfer from another Registrar.
- specify the domain names to be transferred. 
- select the Administrator (on default the contract holder can see his nic-hdl), to verify the specified data.

In case of coincident of Administrator data specified in SALENAMES data base and Administrator data by previous Registrar domain will be taken into SALENAMES base automatically. 

Otherwise the request will be sent for manual processing, about its results you will be notified by e-mail.

For domain transfer, upon written application, the registrant should provide SALENAMES following documents:

From a legal entity:
- Letter to SALENAMES with request to accept the domains for maintenance -
- Copy of the Certificate of Entry about the legal entity in the Unified state register of legal entities (OGRN Certificate);

From individuals and sole trader:
- Letter to SALENAMES with request to accept the domains for maintenance -
- Copy of the passport (first two pages and a page with stamp of permanent registration).

The conditions under which the transmittal of information support about a domain name between registrars is not performed:
- Expired domain name registration;
- In respect of the domain name there are trial or pre-trial restrictions;
- If the Registrar providing the domain support was requested from the Administrator additional information which was not provided within the prescribed period.