Transfer of the domains .RU, .РФ to SALENAMES from another Registrar

To transfer the domains .RU, .РФ to Registrar SALENAMES is necessary:  
1. To obtain from the current Registrar the AuthInfo-code (transfer code)* for the domain.
2. To log in the personal account.
3. To refill the balance.
The cost of the Registrar change is specified in the tariffs.
4. To make an application in section «Domains» - «Transfer RU/.РФ from another Registrar» - «Apply for transfer from another Registrar».
Please note! The requests are accepted, if there are not less than 7 calendar days prior to the expiration of the domain registration.
5. To select  and to specify in the request the way of confirmation the transfer of domain by the Administrator:
We recommend to use e-mail

- by e-mail or SMS
To Administrator’s e-mail or telephone number within 3 working days will be sent a key to be entered to confirm of application by clicking on the link in the email.

- in writing
Application form for a legal entity -
Application form for individuals or sole trader -

Please note!  It is necessary to confirm the request of the domain transfer within 5 calendar days.

6. SALENAMES initiates a change of Registrar in the registry. The transfer process will be completed automatically within 5 calendar days.

The conditions under which Registrar change is impossible:
- Expired domain name registration;
- In respect of the domain name there are trial or pre-trial restrictions;
- If the Registrar providing the domain support requested from the Administrator additional information which was not provided within the prescribed period;
- It has been less than 30 days from the date of receipt by the Administrator of administration rights from another person;
- It has been less than 30 days from the date of the change of the Registrar providing the domain name support.

*The AuthInfo-code (transfer code) is used for protection from the unauthorized Registrar change. By the Registrar change the AuthInfo-code must be reported to the Registrar who will get the domain. Without the transfer code or with the incorrect code the registry will reject the request for a new Registrar to transfer the domain.
The validity of the AuthInfo-code is 20 calendar days.