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Full name of the company: SALENAMES LTD.
TIN - Taxpayer Identification Number: 7705693660
KPP (rus.) - Tax registration reason code (eng): 770501001
OGRN (rus.) - PSRN (primary state registration number): 1057748734064
Legal address: Bolshaya Serpukhovskaya Street, 44, 3rd floor, unit 1, office 19, WP I2, 15093 Moscow, Russian Federation
Postal address: "SALENAMES LTD",  PO 44, 105187 Moscow, Russian Federation
Name of the Bank: PJSC "Binbank", Moscow
PCBIC: 044525117
Bank account: 40702810200140000251
Correspondent account: 30101810245250000117
CEO Serebryakova E. A.
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SALENAMES is leading ICANN accredited Registrar


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