Verisign has summed up the results of Second Quarter 2019 ⠀

According to the VeriSign report for the II quarter of 2019, 354.7 million domain names are registered in the world. Compared to the 1st quarter the growth was 2.9 million domains. 

- In the .COM zone there are 142.5 million names. The growth for the quarter was 1.5 million. The amount of national domain zones increased by 1.9 million for the quarter and 10.5 million for the year, and now it is 158.7 million.

- The growth of registrations in ccTLD was provided by two domain zones - .TW and .UK. The first stimulated users with low cost, which means that next year the situation can dramatically change. ⠀

In the .UK zone, the time has come to an end when owners of third-level domains with the extensions,, etc. could apply for registration of a similar second-level domain in the .UK zone. Thus, the transfer of domain owners to the second level provided 1.3 million registrations per quarter. By the end of Q2, 13.3 million domains were registered in .UK. 

- The number of registrations in new gTLDs has not changed and amounted to 23 million; ⠀

- Some decline is observed in the .NET zones (minus 200 thousand) and .ORG (minus 100 thousand). ⠀

National top-level domain .RU by the end of June 2019 showed 4,963,379 domain names, the domain .РФ - 768 142, .SU - 114 097. 

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