TLDCON 2019 starts on September 11th

On September 11-12, 2019 in Vilnius, the 12th conference of registrars and registries of the CIS countries, Central and Eastern Europe TLDCON 2019 will be held.

The main topics of the conference: 
- the possibility of interaction between registries and law enforcement agencies, prospects for the development of the domain industry, legal problems of domain registration discussion, relationship of registries with registrars and end users, etc.

The first day will focus on issues: 
- Experience in the interaction of national registries in different countries. Is it possible to use the same approaches for different regions / countries?
- How to make interaction of registries and law enforcement more effective;
-How to find common ground and establish interaction between representatives of the domain industry and copyright holders. 

Representatives of both sides will tell about their experience, and WIPO representatives will act as the neutral side.

On the second day of the conference, participants will discuss marketing issues, for example, the interaction of the registry and the end user. Representatives of national registries from different countries will share their experience. They will tell you what, in their opinion, the users themselves want from national registries, and how registries can help them.

In conclusion, TLDCON 2019 participants will discuss the secondary domain registration market. The main theme is domain name auctions.

To participate in the TLDCON 2019 conference, you just need to register. Participation in the conference is free.

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