The State Duma adopted a bill on regional brands

The State Duma adopted in the second main reading a bill anchoring in the Civil Code the concept of "geographical indication" (GI) as a new object of intellectual rights. The document is also referred to as the regional brand bill.

The initiative was proposed by a group of parliamentarians led by the Federation Council speaker Valentina Matvienko.
GI will work in parallel with the current one - the appellation of origin (AO), but will have a simplified registration. 

The draft law provides that a geographical indication is recognized and protected on the basis of state registration carried out by Rospatent. GI can register: one or more citizens, one or several legal entities, as well as association (union) or other associations of persons whose creation and activity does not contradict the legislation of the country of origin of the goods.

Commentary by the Chairman of the State Duma Committee on State Building and Legislation, Co-Chairman of the Association of Lawyers of Russia Pavel Krasheninnikov: “The bill, taking into account the amendments adopted today, establishes that the geographical indication to which legal protection is granted is a designation that allows identifying goods as originating from a specific geographical area object. The geographical origin of the product should be largely determined: its special quality, reputation or other characteristics. And at least one of the stages of production, which has a significant impact on the formation of the characteristics of the goods, should be carried out in the specified territory (unlike the appellation of origin, for which all stages of production of goods in the specified territory should be carried out). That means that it will not be possible to use water extracted not in Yessentuki, but spilled there, under this name.”

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