The administration of the .NZ domain won the case against DomainTools

DomainTools is one of the services that despite existing information privacy laws continue to collect and store Whois data from different domain zones. The database of such services can store information even of those domains that are protected by the privacy service. Of course, not everyone likes it.

Domain Name Commission, the administrator of the national domain of New Zealand .NZ, turned out to be one of the “dissatisfied parties”. The company sued DomainTools and won it. The plaintiff managed to ensure that the personal data of domain owners in the .NZ zone are not published in the DomainTools database.

DNC company provides a personal data hiding service, which has already been used by more than 63,000 users, but since personal data continued to reside in the DomainTools database, the service was not fully implemented. Then the DNC filed a lawsuit in the District Court of the Ninth District of the United States against DomainTools with a request to stop publishing data on domain owners in the .NZ zone. The court granted the plaintiff’s claims.

DomainTools tried to appeal the decision to the Court of Appeal, but the court remained on the side of the Domain Name Commission. The desire of the plaintiff to hide user data is recognized as a legitimate interest, and DomainTools prevented the company from providing this service.

The main argument was the fact that DomainTools violated the ban on multiple requests to the registry of the .NZ zone and downloaded large amounts of information from it.

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