Small businesses use phone numbers as domain names

Several thousand domains in Runet use a phone number in their name. This may seem like an unobvious solution, since such names are difficult to remember if it is not a series of identical digits. But practice shows that such domains sometimes choose small online stores, auto-related sites and resources offering services to the population: equipment repair, beauty salons, etc. ⠀

There are already more than 1000 domains in the .ru domain zone - these are 11-digit mobile phone numbers of Russian mobile operators. ⠀
About 200 registrations are domains of type 8-800 (there are also hyphen variants). Most domains are a combination of 6-7 digits. ⠀

Telephone numbers as a domain are used by small businesses and entrepreneurs who do not have much publicity. Usually, these resources have little information about the company, and receiving orders and communication with clients is over the phone. ⠀

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