Popular keywords in August 2019⠀

American company VeriSign posted on its official website the TOP 10 keywords of August used in registered domains in .COM and .NET zones. ⠀

The ranking contains “keys” with the highest percentage of registration growth compared to the previous month.

. COM:⠀

1. jumbo⠀
2. diabetes⠀
3. dorian⠀
4. claims⠀
5. airbnb⠀
6. hurricane⠀
7. halloween⠀
8. volume⠀
9. bullet⠀
10. tahoe⠀


1. repair⠀
2. taylorswift⠀
3. loan⠀
4. piedmont⠀
5. dorian⠀
6. empower⠀
7. small⠀
8. outlet⠀
9. finder⠀
10. hills⠀

August turned out to be very diverse. Just one word - dorian - appeared in the top of both domain zones. The popularity of this key is due to the storm of Dorian that swept over the Atlantic in late August.

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