A domain dispute unexpectedly revealed a very low price for a one-word .com domain

Domain expert Elliot Silver (https://domaininvesting.com/escapade-com-udrp-denied-domain-has-reasonable-asking-price/) drew attention to a very interesting domain dispute that just ended.  We are talking about the process for the domain name escapade.com - https://www.wipo.int/amc/en/domains/decisions/pdf/2022/d2022-3551.pdf.  The plaintiff, having a trademark registered 21 years later than the domain, for some reason decided that he could have legal rights to this asset.  Considering the fact that the defendant had a trademark of the same name and used the domain extensively in the early 2000s, the domain claim seems even stranger.

 But the most remarkable thing is this: in the process of considering the case, the price for the domain surfaced, which was announced in private correspondence.  The seller estimated the price of the domain at $65,000.  It was such a low price that attracted the attention of a domain expert to this case.  Prices for single-word domains in the .com zone, where there are more than 160 million registrations today, have long been six figures and higher.  Moreover, the word escapade is commonly used and is translated as "an extravagant trick, a gamble."

 There are many companies in the world that contain the word escapade in their name.  So now that such a low cost for this domain has become widely known, I think it will quickly find its new owner.  The irony of the situation is that the plaintiff in the lawsuit himself spoke about the cost of the domain and even said that it was too high.  According to the plaintiff, this should have convinced the judge of the bad faith of the domain administrator.  The judge naturally rejected this argument.  As, however, and all the rest in this lawsuit.

 I think the plaintiff, after this lawsuit, has now forever lost the opportunity to get this domain.  In any case, at the original price for sure.