Domain is transferred to the Michael Jackson Heritage Fund

Two years ago, the Michael Jackson Heritage Foundation requested in court to transfer the rights to the domain to them. At that time, it belonged to the company Gourmet Gift Baskets, a seller of sweets, beverages and other gift-wrapped products.

The plaintiff claimed that the defendant used the world-famous Michael Jackson’s pseudonym ("King of Pop") to promote his company. Gourmet Gift Baskets, in turn, reported that the site design is associated with popcorn, not Michael Jackson. 

As a result, the court granted the plaintiff’s claims, since the defendant is not a producer of popcorn and his arguments are not convincing.

However, the domain became the property of the Michael Jackson Foundation only now. This happened by mutual agreement of the parties, since Gourmet Gift Baskets needed time to transfer the site to another domain - Until mid-2018, the respondent’s website was still available at the old address, after it was redirected to a new domain, and only one year later the domain was transferred to the plaintiff completely.

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