Why do specialists with uncommon jobs want to have a domain name?

One of the best jugglers in the world, Niels Duinker, shared with the public his experience of improving business with domain names.

A successful Dutchman, seven-time record holder of the Guinness Book of Records and at the same time his name is very difficult to remember. For this reason, it was difficult for his customers to find the Duinker website on the Web. Then Nils decided to change his approach and acquired the domain ComedyJuggler.com for $ 3,500.
The new domain has become his brand on the Internet. When users searched for a comedian-juggler in search engines, they could easily find the site they need.

The second domain that Niels acquired is JugglingWorkshop.com. His comedian used to promote team building services with juggling lessons.
Duinker said that thanks to the new domains, the flow of customers has grown significantly. This fact greatly surprised his competitors, since there was nothing complicated or unusual in buying domains, but for some reason none of them had such idea before.

For representatives of rare professions, acquiring the right domain is a commercially viable and wise decision. Firstly, such domain can turn out to be quite inexpensive, and secondly, it reduces the chance to go unnoticed on the Web and get lost among competitors.

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