Service, laundered more than $ 200 million, is closed by the authorities

The special services of the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Europol carried out an operation to close the service mixer, engaged in the laundering of cryptocurrency.

The service was under the supervision of the special services back in June last year. Now the domain and 6 servers located in Luxembourg and Holland are withdrawn from the resource.

According to Europol, Bestmixer was one of the three largest mixing services in the world and offered its services in the laundering of Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash and Litecoin. And although technically mixer services are legal, if they are openly advertised as a way to launder money they become illegal.

For one year of operation 27,000 BTC passed through the service, which is approximately $ 200,000,000. According to the investigation, the cryptocurrency that passed through Bestmixer was mainly obtained by criminal means or was used by criminal groups after the “washout”.

During the special operation the Netherlands Financial Prosecution Office received all the necessary information about all Bestmixer transactions (IP addresses, transaction details, bitcoin addresses and chat messages).

Now, law enforcement officers, together with Europol, plan to study this data and share it with colleagues from other countries.

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