.REN domain zone is sold

.REN domain zone was registered back in 2012. It belonged to the Chinese social network Renren. In those days, it was extremely popular and it even competed with Facebook. The main audience of the network is students. The number of active users per month reached 60 million people.

However, later it followed by a sharp collapse in popularity. As a result, Renren decided to close the social network, and at the same time sell the already unnecessary domain zone.

.REN was not a brand domain, anyone could register a second-level domain in it. The maximum registration was reached in November 2016 - 320,000 domains. This figure is comparable to the most popular domain zones in China. 
However, now there are only 17,000 names left in the .REN zone.

The new owner of the zone became the Hong Kong company ZDNS International. This is company’s second acquisition. The first one is .FANS zone.

.REN domain zone has a chance to become popular again. The word "ren" is a transliteration of the hieroglyph "人", meaning "people."

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