New gTLDs have become a magnet for spammers

Recently .ICU has reached a million second-level domains. At the moment there are only 5 domain zones in the new gTLDs that have overcome this mark. These include .club, .xyz, .site and .online. Can this be considered a success?

Only a few administrators of the domain zones in the new gTLDs were able to abandon the easy way. The owners of .ICU are not among them. Domains in it are sold for only $ 1- $ 2, and the price of renewal of registration is about $ 10.
Such a development scenario always leads to the same result - the domain zone attracts spammers and cybercriminals.

In May 2019 according to the Spamhaus report, 6.4% of emails sent from the .ICU zone were spam, which corresponded to the percentage of spam in the .com zone, but by July the fraudsters had become more active, and now the percentage of spam is 17.4%.

Moreover, experts suggest that the .ICU zone expects a decline.

In the domain zone there are practically no developed and frequently visited sites. It is also worth considering that only 13 months have passed since the launch of the zone, and when the expiration of the registration of domains registered in the first months of public registration is appropriate, the total number of second-level domains in .ICU will decrease.

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