Los Angeles registrar got banned from ICANN

Singapore domain investor has filed a complaint with ICANN against the Los Angeles domain registrar World Biz Domains.

The reason was a strange situation when domain investor’s 15 domains suddenly changed their ownership. These are the domains: 28.net, 68.net, 88.org, changi.com, tay.net, goh.net, koh.net, kuantan.com, yeong.com, merlion.org, og.net, raffles.net , sentosa.org, sg.org and shenton.com.

World Biz Domains was unable to provide ICANN with data proving the legitimacy of the incident, so it received a suspension of domain sales activities until January 13, 2020.

It is not yet clear whether the domains were stolen and what World Biz Domains has to do with this. However, the registrar did not comment on what happened.

World Biz Domains manages not so many domains - just over 5,000 names.The registrar does not look like an active participant in the market, so it is likely that it will be liquidated soon.

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