13 more brand domains will be deleted ⠀

Seven companies at once filed applications to remove their brand domains. One of them is Chrysler, which decided to abandon its .Uconnect, .SRT, .Mopar, .Dodge and .Chrysler brand zones. The .Jeep domain zone is the only one that Chrysler will leave for now. ⠀

The remaining applications for domain zone removal came from the following companies: ⠀
- .Liasion (Liaison Technologies) ⠀
- .Lancome (L’Oreal) ⠀
- .Telefonica and .Movistar (Telefonica S.A.) ⠀
- .Piaget, .Cartier (Richemont) ⠀
- .Warman (Weir Group) ⠀
- .Ladbrokes (Ladbrokes International PLC) ⠀

The companies L'Oreal and Richemont, which registered 14 domain zones, have got rid of all domain-brands now. They only have common areas left. In total, 66 branded domain zones have already been removed. ⠀

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