Domain registration/domain renewal

Automatic domain renewal

To extend the validity of the registration of a domain, you can enable it in the option "Autorenew". The domain will automatically extended for 55 days prior to the expiration of the registration if you have sufficient funds at your account or within one hour after receipt of funds.

Once, autorenew has been enabled, you only have to top up your account, and your domain will be automatically renewed, i.e. no other actions in the personal area SALENAMES are needed. 

Since in the zones .RU, .SU and .РФ domains can be renewed no earlier than 60 days before the end of the registration period, the renewal will extend the domain even if you do not have access to a computer during the period when the renewal of your domain is necessary. 

To enable this option, you must log in to your personal account at SALENAMES and go to category "Domains" and in front of the domain for which you want to set the autorenew option "Autorenew" tick and include "Autorenew" for your domain name.

No. Domain can be registered only after payment service registration. Until the date of payment, the domain name is free and can be registered by any person.

Deletion of domain (domain cancellation) name is made by the Registrar only on the basis of the original letter from the domain Administrator.


from a legal entity to the Registrar SALENAMES -

  • A letter from the legal entity certified by signature and seal of the company.
  • The certificate of entering of record about the legal entity in the Unified state register of legal entities (OGRN Certificate).
  • The certificate on statement on the tax account in tax Department.
  • The order of appointment of the sole Executive body.
  • Protocol on the appointment of the sole Executive body.

from a private individual to the Registrar SALENAMES -
from a sole trader to the Registrar SALENAMES -

  • The signature on the letter must be notarized. The letter should include a copy of the passport (a copy of the first pivot and the page with stamp on permanent registration).
  • Notarized letter is not required if the registrant submits a letter to the office of the Registrar is SALENAMES. In this case, it helps to have a passport.
  • The resident of the Russian Federation must provide an original letter and copy of passport. Notarized letter is not required.

The conditions under which cancellation of domains .RU и .РФ is not carried out

Domain name registration .RU и .РФ may not be cancelled if:
- domain name is expired;
- if within 30 days of receipt by the Administrator of administration rights from another person;
- if less than 30 days from the date of the change of the Registrar who manages the domain name;
- if in respect of the domain name installed trial or pre-trial restrictions;
- in case of failure to request the Registrar on the provision of information and documents within the prescribed period in accordance with paragraph 9.3.7 of the Rules of domain names registration in domain zones .RU, .SU, .РФ.

Documents must be sent to our postal address:  SALENAMES LTD, PO 44, 105187, Moscow, Russian Federation

If the domain is not renewed in time, it will be removed from delegation on the day of expiry of the paid term (field reg-till ), and not less than 30 days from the date of reg-till domain will be automatically deleted (in date free-date ). Domains are not deleted on weekends, holidays and following them one day.

It is also possible to remove the domain before the end of the registration period (specified in reg-till ). This is the free procedure. The funds that were sent for the domain registration will NOT be RETURNED when the domain is deleted.

1. check if your domain name is free and can be registered. You can use a service Whois
2. open an account at SALENAMES'S website or visit an office  of the Registrar SALENAMES.
3. top-up an account with one of the available payment option.
4. complete and submit an application for registration of the domain in the personal account SALENAMES in the section "Domains" by clicking the button "Register domains".

With a more detailed procedure of domain registration can be found in the article "The procedure of registration of domains"

To renew your domain name should:

  • To login at the website SALENAMES
  • In the section "Finances" you can find your balance and, if necessary, to put a credit on it.
  • In the section "Domains" generate an order to renew the domain - click on "Renewal" in line with the domain that you want to extend.

If the application for re-registration of the domain has not been formed, the provision of services by the end of the term of domain name registration is suspended for 30 days - priority renewal period. In priority renewal period for domain name, no action is taken, except for re-registration. The customer within this period has the right to extend the term of the domain registration, but not later than 1 business day before its expiry. In the case of domain re-registration, the domain delegations gets restored within 3 business days. After the priority renewal period, if re-registration has not been made, the domain name registration is cancelled and can be freely registered by another person.

Notifications about domain renewal are sent 60 days before the end date of domain registration to the e-mail of the domain administrator. Notifications are sent regularly until the domain renewal or removal due to non-payment. It is important to keep your contact email address up-to-date so that you don't miss notifications.
The domain administrator, regardless of receiving the notification, must send the Registrar an order for renewal of registration.

Domains in zones .RU, .SU, .РФ are registered for a period of 1 year. The domain renewal is not possible earlier than 60 days before the date displayed in the Whois, as reg-till (or no-till) - the date up to which domain name is paid.

To cancel a domain registration before the domain gets expired, one needs to send a formal letter to the Registrar.

Read More in the section "help"

To enable this option, you must log in category "Domains" personal account SALENAMES and in front of the domain for which you want to set the auto-renewal, select "Autorenew" and enable auto-Renewal for your domain.
When the Renewal the domain will be automatically extended for 55 days prior to the expiration of registration when there is a sufficient balance in your account or within one hour after receipt of funds.

To register a domain name should:
1. To check if your domain name using a Whois service
2. Register
3. To replenish the balance
4. To complete and submit an application for registration of the domain in the personal account SALENAMES section "Domains" by reference "to Register".
More detailed procedure of domain registration can be found in the article "the Order of registration of domains"

With bulk domain registration You can register up to 1000 domain names at a time.
To register domain names in bulk should:
1. Log in to your account.
2. In the section "Domains" personal area select tool "to Register".
3. To enter a list of domain names. The maximum number of names to register - 1000.
4. Follow the registration wizard.

The order for the registration of the expiring domain can be made for any occupied domain name in domains .RU and .РФ which should be released within the next 30 (thirty) days.

For the registration of a released domain, you have to:
1. Register
2. Pay the order using one of the methods offered
3.Make the order

The Contractor shall not guarantee to the Customer services delivery in the following cases:
- if by the domain name registration in the Registry the request of Contractor was not the first one among the applications submitted by other Registrars;
- if the registration period of the expiring domain name was extended by its administrator;
- if the domain name is the subject of court proceedings, subject to the availability of relevant evidence by the Contractor testifying to this;
- if domain name registration is canceled by an enforceable decision of a court when the pre-emptive right to register the cancelled domain name has the person whose rights the court found violated;
- in other cases which may entail, in the Contractor’s opinion, violation of the rights of third parties;
- if the registration of the domain name contradicts to the Terms of domain names registration in domains .RU and .РФ;
- in other cases which may prevent the registration of a domain name at the request of the Customer.

the Application for the extension of the domain in the zone .RU, .Or SU .The Russian Federation may be submitted no earlier than 60 calendar days prior to deadline  register.
To renew your domain name, you should:
- Log in the personal Cabinet 
- In the section “Finance” personal account you can see your balance and, if necessary Fund it.
- In the section "Domains" personal account follow the link "to Renew your domain name» in line with the domain that you want to extend.

It is not permitted to cancel, modify or waive a domain name registration.
You can only order another domain name (mentioning the data you need) and pay for it.