DNS settings

  • on the DNS server add A record for www.test.ru
  • hosting for test.ru add as an alias www.test.ru.

to make changes to the zone on the DNS servers of the Registrar, you must:
- Log in to personal account;
- Go to the section "Domains";
- In line with your domain name choose the column "Action" the option "DNS zone Management on the Registrar's servers;
Now you can add/edit/delete records in your zone configuration.

Submitted via the web interface the changes are saved to the DNS servers within 10 minutes. Information the global DNS system is not spread instantly, sometimes it may take up to several days (usually 6-8 hours).

Please note that control zone on the DNS servers of the Registrar only under the condition that your domain name is delegated on these servers (ns1.salenames.ru and ns2.salenames.ru).

To bind a domain to a specific IP address you can use the free DNS servers of the Registrar SALENAMES: ns1.salenames.ru and ns2.salenames.ru. These DNS servers are available for all domains on service in SALENAMES.

To bind a domain, you must:
- Log in to personal account SALENAMES;
- In the section "Domains" to delegate your domain name with DNS servers of Registrar (ns1.salenames.ru, ns2.salenames.ru);
- In the section "Domains" in line with your domain name choose the column "Action" option "DNS zone Management on the Registrar's servers";
- In the section "Adding records" select record "And";
- Field "Host" is left blank, the field "Value" enter IP address.
- Click "Add record".
If the "Host" enter the symbol "*" (asterisk), all subdomains of your domain (i.e. for example www.test.ru.) will refer to the specified IP address.

In this case you just need to wait until the update of the DNS servers of Internet providers, usually it takes about 24 hours.
A domain name system (DNS) is quite inert. As a rule, to completely change the DNS servers needed day. Primarily, this is because the DNS servers of Internet providers cache (remember) the IP address for each domain if the first request and subsequent requests don't try to define them according to the rules. Old data from "cache" is usually deleted after a day. For this same reason it is not recommended to change the DNS servers several times a day.


it has been more than 24 hours after changing DNS?
Try to clear the browser cache, the browser may remember the old information on the unavailability of your website every now and again substitutes data from its memory. To clear the cache of the browser, go to url of your website, and then ;"Ctrl" + "F5".

the Use of CNAME records is strictly regulated in RFC 1034 and RFC 1912. For the name specified as a synonym, there should be no other records describing resources (including SOA and NS). So this entry can not be made.

Main types of resource records (Resource Records):
with A- — specifies the conversion of a hostname into an IP address.
the MX record — specifies a mail relay for a domain name, i.e. the host that will process or will pass on the mail messages destined to the recipient in the specified domain. If you have multiple MX records first tries to deliver the mail to the relay with the lowest priority.
the NS record — specify the DNS servers that are authoritative for this zone.
a CNAME record — specifies the mapping of the alias to the canonical name of the node.
the SRV record — allows you to retrieve the name for the desired service, as well as the Protocol through which the service runs.
the TXT record — contains General text information. These records can be used for any purpose, for example, to specify the location of the host.
the AAAA — specifies the conversion of a hostname into an IPV6 address.
the SSHFP-record — used to store snapshots of the SSH keys in the DNS.

To support domains .EN you must specify at least two servers that need to have a reliable connection to the Internet and their IP addresses, which should be located in different networks of a class “C”.
In this case, the IP addresses need not be contiguous. For example, if one server has an address, another server should not be located in the network 213.156.192., that is, should not be 213.156.192.xxx.

DNS (Domain Name System, domain name system) — a hierarchical, distributed in network database system that provides Internet users an additional service (technically implemented on computers — DNS servers are running special software) by automatically translating queries, decorated in the human readable text format (for example, www.test.ru) in the numeric IP address of the computer (for example,, where is the desired resource.

the DNS Hierarchy often present in a tree structure. In the tree is the root domain ’ s." (root), followed by the top-level domains is the TLD (top level domains).

For top-level domains is not fixed any IP addresses, they are designed to create  (in their area) domains of the second level with and then fixing the them IP addresses.